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Geoharbour construction company does not improve agricultural soil quality But we do our part to improve the quality of soil for construction. Geotechnical Engineering.

Improving soil quality is adding properties to soil that has lower properties than the project or that area needs. So that the soil in that area has higher properties, such as being able to withstand increased force and be more stable. It has a lower ability to allow water to permeate. or to meet the purpose of use There are many methods for improving soil quality. It depends on the conditions at the work site and various factors of the project, including different types of soil.

Yes, but problems may arise in the future. For example, if it is an area in Bangkok and surrounding areas, It is an area of soft clay. There will be long-term problems with subsidence.

The project owner will focus on cost efficiency in improving the soil quality before constructing several buildings according to ceilings that must accommodate building control systems, buildings around cracked roads, water pipe systems, and twisted electrical wiring. These are all problems that waste both time and money that can be spent on soil quality from the beginning of project construction.

Not at all, It depend on each field for example soil quality, project period, budget, project objectives etc.   

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