Soil Improvement, an important matter that most people don’t know. 


Soil Improvement by Geoharbour construction

Improving the Soil for Construction

Soil improvement for construction is something that is almost only known in the construction industry. If you ask the public outside the construction industry, I guarantee that you’ll probably only meet people who look confused and stand confused. But what is it? So why must you do it? What have you done? This article has the answer.

If now I asked everyone what to do before we have a house, a building, or a bridge, everyone would probably be able to imagine, right? There should be planning, design, and preparation of construction materials. The soil has been adjusted. Calculate the weight of the structure to determine how deep the piles need to be driven. To build the structure of that building, of course, every step mentioned above. They are all very important to the construction of things.  

The basic composition of soil 

Our ground or soil is made up of 3 main components: soil particles, water, and air. Whether these 3 components are more or less, they affect the strength of the soil. (Usually, the ground has little water and air penetration. It will be stronger than the ground that has a lot of water and air. because there is little space between the soil grains)

In addition, the difference in area also affects the properties of the soil. Because if the soil is in an environment with a lot of water, such as near a river. It may mean that the ground in that area will have a trend. That there will be a lot of water particles in the soil. (However, to know this, we must go down and survey the area.) 

Soil Improvement use in construction industry  

The question is, what if we need to build a house? Or various buildings in areas that do not have soil properties ready for construction—what to do? This is what we are talking about. Soil Improvement —do you still remember it? 

In summary

Soil improvement is adding various features to the soil to match what we want to build. In the construction of various things, there are many things that we have to take into consideration before improving the quality of the soil. The type of soil in that area, the purpose of use, the budget, the surrounding environment, the number of users, and the number of residents all affect the choice of methods for improving soil quality. In the next article, we will get to know the various methods and go into more depth about the content.  

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